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Healthy Life Press was founded in 2008, by the late David B. Biebel, with a primary goal of helping previously unpublished authors get their works to market, and to re-issue worthy, previously published works that were no longer available in the marketplace.

This company is a small, independent Christian publishing house with a big mission — to help people toward optimal vitality by providing resources promoting physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health as viewed from a Christian perspective. We see health as a verb and achieving optimal health as a process — a crucial process for followers of Christ if we are to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, AND strength, and our neighbors as ourselves — for as long as He leaves us here.

With the development and refinement of digital book publishing, including paperback books and eBooks that can be downloaded in seconds to portable readers, the future of publishing is digital, with purchases being made primarily via the Internet.

For printed books, we use a process called “print-on-demand,” which is accomplished by feeding the electronic/digital file of a book, including its cover, into a special, high-end digital printer. This unit prints and collates the pages, prints the color cover on special stock, glues them together, trims the book, and voila — out comes a finished book, one copy at a time (though there is no upper limit on the number of copies that can be ordered at one time).

We prefer print-on-demand and eBook formats because:
1. Inventory is kept low – a crucial factor when you consider the cost of inventory control, storage space, and liquidating inventory when necessary;
2. Storage of the digital files from which a book is printed takes up very little space since 500 or more book text files can be stored on a single DVD;
3. eBooks can be delivered almost instantaneously, and produce significant net profit, once formatted.

Although we can print in full color (more expensive end product), our typical product has a full-color cover and black & white interior, printed on white or cream colored paper. Authors are able to include high-resolution graphics, including photos, in their finished book . . . AND high-resolution color graphics can be included in our Healthy Life Press PDF eBook version of any book.

If you have a book manuscript that is what used to be called “camera ready” – i.e. the text is finished, needing no more than minor editing or proofing, we can take it from there to published form (printed book and electronic formats) very quickly. Our philosophy is to share expenses (authors subsidize these) and the net proceeds equitably. We will provide a copy of a sample contract upon request.

We welcome proposals in the following areas: non-fiction, fiction, children's books, books intended primarily for electronic distribution (eBooks and audio books).

So if you have something important to say, and it fits within the purview of our mission, do not hesitate to contact us.



Judy B. Johnson

Publisher, Healthy Life Press — Member CSPA (Christian Small Publishers Association)

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