Finding Martians in the Dark


Packed with wise advice based on hard experience, and laced with humor, this book challenges, encourages, and inspires new or used teachers.

  • Author: Dan M. Biebel
  • Publisher: Peak Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1450589727
  • Release Year: 2010


The book’s focus is principles that teachers in training need to know, and that veteran teachers need to be reminded of, based on more than thirty years in the classroom. The teaching wisdom that marks this book is shared in a friendly, humorous, conversational style and a heartfelt yet convincing and sometimes convicting manner.


Susan J. Wegmann, PhD, says, “Biebel’s sardonic wit is mellowed by a genuine love for kids and teaching…. A Whitman-like sensibility flows through his stories of teaching, learning, and life.”

“A wonderful book. Honest and heartfelt, practical and wise, it embeds lessons of teaching and learning in a rich set of personal accounts.” – Tom Schram, PhD; University of New Hampshire

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