Our God-Given Senses


God created you for a sensory experience and that is what you will find in this unique Bible study. You will learn about your nine human senses while exploring the ways in which God teaches spiritual truths using sensory words.

  • Author: Gary A. Burlingame, MS
  • Publisher: Healthy Life Press
  • ISBN: 978-1939267733
  • Release Year: 2013


Learn about your nine senses. Increase your awareness of them in everyday life so that you can better incorporate them into your writing and speaking. Let your senses take you back to Eden and give you hope in the feast that awaits you in eternity. And thank the Lord for how wonderfully made you really are (Psalm 139:13-14). Especially helpful for anyone who often does public speaking or creative writing, including pastors and business people. Creatively suggests ways to incorporate the senses into your communications as a way to draw readers or listeners into your topic and toward a deeper understanding of your meaning. Capture the attention of your audience and invite them to savor what you’re saying.

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