Adversity sets the stage for resolve.

We palliate human suffering with compassionate understanding, validating the legitimacy of emotions including anxiety, anger, and depression, creating safe havens for people to process them. while these maneuvers remain unquestionably therapeutic, none asks the individual to embrace the trial.

In RESOLVE, this is what we will do, while illustrating through a wide variety of true life narratives the absolute value of faith in facilitating personal growth in each instance.

  • Author: Elaine Leong Eng, MD
  • Publisher: Healthy Life Press
  • ISBN: 978-1939267450
  • Release Year: 2016


This book, by a Christian psychiatrist who happens to be blind, shows how resolve is the key to resilience. The stories, all of which are true, and the examples or cases that are included (also true) all show how determination plus faith can overcome any obstacle. After all, if she can climb a 30 fall, what is holding you back? Or if she can be struck by a SUV and still participate in a mission trip only days later, buoyed by her commitment to fulfilling the mission God has given her, are you going to let a few aches and pains hold you back?

Here we should examine the role of adversity. We live to avoid it, resolve it, legislate against it, as it has no known value and poses a threat to our livelihood. We create avenues of blame for it or we maintain an attempt to objectify adversity by saying “stuff happens.”

We palliate human suffering with compassionate understanding, validating the legitimacy of emotions including anxiety, anger, and depression, creating safe havens for people to process them. If allowed some modes of counseling, strategizing solutions, coping skills, or programs to ameliorate the suffering, some strugglers will pass through. While these maneuvers remain unquestionably therapeutic, none asks the individual to embrace the trial. None asks the sufferer to value the adversity as the foster parent of the prized orphan–resilience.

Facing adversity? You can overcome it by faith if you link your RESOLVE to God’s power, because he is in you, both to will and work for his good pleasure.

See how your adversity can become an opportunity, even a gift. As this doctor says, “this so-called tragedy in my life was very much for the good. I had the chance to “see” and care for my children during their precious young years; to play with them, sing songs, teach them, feed them, and do all those wonderful mothering things that many take for granted. I cherished them because I knew my life had been heading in a direction in which I could have missed it all. Now that they are grown, I can see in my mind’s eye all of those great images and memories. I enjoyed motherhood so much that I would not have changed my life in any way if given the chance. My eye condition was a gift from God, affording me the privilege of time to be with my children.

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