After ‘While, Crocodile – Jack Runion


About After ‘While, Crocodile:
Death . . . no one likes to talk about it, but at some point, we all have to deal with the loss of a family member or friend. As adults, we know death is inevitable, yet when it happens we still have so many questions. Now imagine the confusion and questions that bombard a child’s mind in the same situation. After ’While, Crocodile takes us on the journey of a little boy named Sammy as he and his family are faced with the impending death of his great-grandfather. Then they deal with his death, and the immediate events afterward. This heartfelt story addresses the difficult subject of death in a compassionate, yet realistic manner that will allow adults to help children of all ages talk about loss, grieving, and holding on to the memories of those we love.

  • Author: Jack Runion
  • Publisher: Healthy Life Press
  • Formats: Paperback (Full Color)
  • ISBN: 978-0982146682
  • Release Year: 2018


From the author:
The idea for After ‘While, Crocodile came from my son, Sammy, and his multitude of questions following the deaths of my grandparents in 2015. “Mammaw” passed away on March 13th at age 89; and then a mere six weeks later “Pappaw” joined her in heaven on April 27th at age 90. Sammy wasn’t even three years old yet, but he had so many questions about “Mammaw” and “Pappaw” dying. I hope this book helps countless families address the issue of death and saying goodbye to loved ones or friends.

About the Author:
Jack Runion is a middle school teacher who is proud to call West Virginia home. He is a 1992 graduate of Milton High School and a 1997 graduate of Marshall University. He and his wife Susan reside in Hurricane with their family. Over the past two decades, he has also served at various times as a choir director and worship leader in local churches. Jack is also recognized locally as a gifted soloist. After ’While, Crocodile is his first children’s book. He has previously released A Bad Good-bye—Overcoming the Grief of Suicide, a compelling story of his father’s suicide and the difficult journey for those left behind.

About the Illustrator:
Emmalee Ellison was born in Fort Worth, TX, raised in Marshall, TX, and has been living in the Hurricane, WV area since July 2009. She graduated from Hurricane High School in 2013 with a focus in visual art and has been attending Marshall University as a Japanese major and general art minor. She has been drawing since she was two or three years old and has been mostly self-taught, taking only a handful of art classes from junior high through college. After ’While, Crocodile is her first publication. She aspires to write and publish her own manga (Japanese comics/graphic novels). She looks forward to graduating from Marshall and moving forward in the art field.

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