Family Camp Out


Richard made sure to pack his flashlight and compass, and his newest book about survival in the wild. Since he had gotten his latest book, over a week ago, Richard would read it in bed, under the covers at night with a flashlight; the book had thrilling stories of frightening encounters and fearsome attacks written by survivors. Richard figured it couldn’t hurt to learn of such things and know what to do, especially when they would soon be camping in the woods. Rachel packed her miniature Bible, a wildlife guide, a first aid manual, and two pair of swim goggles, one for herself and one to share.

  • Author: Jannis Hibberts
  • Publisher: Healthy Life Press
  • ISBN: eBook: 978-1939267573, Paperback: 978-1939267610
  • Release Year: 2015


Welcome to the Homestead, and the second in a series of stories featuring the twins, Richard and Rachel, who live there with their parents, Mama and Papa. The twins are home schooled and they live in the fertile and beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. They help their parents cultivate and care for their little farm so it produces most of the food the family needs, all year round. When they’re not studying or helping with the homestead, the twins have many adventures in which they invite you to join them, like the one described in this book, and in Book 1 of the series: Tricky Ricky.

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