My Wonderful Journey Through Life


In this inspirational autobiography the author, born in 1928, takes us with him through the Great Depression, the dark days of World War II, and the many changes these and other world events brought with them. But the book’s primary focus is the monumental changes that coming to know the Lord at age 14 brought to him, personally, including his immersion in ministry since the early 1940s, when he led his first person to Christ. With remarkable recall for someone almost 90 years old, including details that will amaze and entertain you, the author describes more than 70 years of walking with Christ through happy times and sad times and everything in between.

  • Author: Rev. Warren C. Biebel, Jr
  • Publisher: Peak Publishing
  • ISBN: Hardcover: ISBN 978-1939267290, Paperback: 978-1939267153
  • Release Year: 2016
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My Wonderful Journey Through Life is one man’s perspective on his own life—the challenges, victories, sorrows, and joys of following Jesus for more than 70 years. You’ll be encouraged by what you read, and you may even hear, as you read, the echoes of that great hymn, “Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow.”

Follow the author through his many adventures in the northeast part of the USA, where he served three churches and was chaplain at a state prison and a VA hospital while founding a conference center in New Hampshire that continues to bless thousands of visitors year after year.

“Warren Biebel was, as he describes himself, just an ordinary guy, but someone, like the ordinary disciples Jesus chose, through whom God would do extraordinary things. The extraordinary things Warren has accomplished in his own family, in individual after individual, in youth program after youth program, in church after church, and yes, in community after community, are all told in an ordinary way to the glory of Jesus Christ and the God he has served.

“Here is truly an ordinary life with an extraordinary God. You will enjoy this book because it is real as well as very special. It is meant, I believe, to inspire us, more than to celebrate Warren. God’s extraordinary through our ordinary is the way of the Gospel. May we all be encouraged to follow our Lord Jesus Christ through thick and thin, knowing that our feeble efforts in sowing the seeds of God’s Word will blossom into the kind of fruit Warren Biebel’s life has produced.”

From the Foreword by Professor Dean Borgman, Warren’s lifelong friend

Read, be blessed, but more importantly, be inspired as you realize that your “ordinary” life can count for God, if you just choose to follow where He leads.

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